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We offer self empowering guidance, energy healing/activation, clarity of next steps, emotional digestion and transformation to move into/embody your higher timeline life and 5D Sacred Human Self through the SoulFullHeart Healing paradigm. Free intros and ongoing 1:1 Bridging Sessions for individuals via zoom and in Victoria, BC are available with Raphael, Jelelle, and Gabriel. SoulFullHeart Facilitators connect with parts of yourself and Metasoul aspects from other timelines/lifetimes for catalytic, powerful, and quantum healing. 

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Community Events

You don't have to go through awakening alone! We offer nourishing, resonant community experience through virtual and local events in Victoria, BC. Join us for free monthly meditation circles at our SoulFullHeart Community House. Participate in powerful group transmissions calls over zoom with Raphael and Jelelle Awen. Join sacred feminine exploration groups with Jelelle and Kalayna over zoom. Come join us in the beautiful New Lemurian grids of Victoria, BC for a four-day SoulFullHeart community gathering in March, 2020.

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Let your soul take over. Let your body’s wisdom guide you. Let your heart lead the way. Let love become who you ARE...

You don't have to go through this awakening journey alone.

Reach out to connect with other souls like you...


We share inspiring videos regularly of guided meditations, audio blogs of our writings, and recordings of live streams. Jelelle Awen offers a 33 Day Video series called Deepen. Take in our energy and experience the inner journey! Become a subscriber of on our You Tube channel to receive all the latest videos.

View our videos here on our SoulFullHeart Experience Channel. We also share SoulFullHeart Experience Podcasts on a weekly basis on our SoulFullHeart Experience YouTube Channel, our Facebook pages, our blog and as an audio file on our iTunes and SoundCloud channels.


We share many inspiring writings about the SoulFullHeart Healing experience through daily blog entries at soulfullheartblog.com, a weekly museletter, and posts on Facebook and instagram. Jelelle Awen has also written three books about Ascension and her awakening journey through the SoulFullHeart process. Click the books below to read more about them and here to purchase the PDF in our shop.

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Latest Museletter

In this week’s Museletter, we feature an article from SoulFullHeart Co-Creator/Teacher/ Facilitator Jelelle Awen about the current Ascension energies coming in as a preparation for the portal opening on 11/11.

“The veils are thinner than ever before to allow for this clearer seeing and remembering of these other timelines. 11:11 offers next level inner connection, star family connection, Divine connection in order to connect with others in a flow that is not about self sacrifice yet rather serves BOTH in the giving and the receiving!”


"I'll be processing this magical experience for a while. There are no words to capture how much it meant to spend time in-person with such a beautiful community of souls. The parts work, the healing that honored and integrated my inner protector (a first), the trip to breathtaking Salt Spring Island, walks to the park and beach to enjoy the sunset....What's not to love? I'm already looking forward to future visits and work together. Unforgettable. With love and appreciation for your warmth, wisdom, and generosity. All my love." - Amy, North Carolina, USA - Equinox Gathering participant, SoulFullHeart Facilitant

"About a week ago, I took part in an event near and dear to my heart. I’ve been on this particular facet of my personal growth journey working virtually with the SoulFullHeart commUNITY (Jelelle Awen In particular) for well over a year now. I was honored to finally meet “the SFH team” along with three other like minded women in person, to take part in their first ever gathering retreat in Victoria, Canada. The experience was well beyond words and was truly felt deep within my heart and soul."  - Saralyn Bliss, New York, USA - Equinox Gathering participant, SoulFullHeart Facilitant

"Through Jelelle's and now Gabriel's support and spaceholding during sessions, I am able to uncover, recover, grow and empower my essence so much with this process/paradigm/lifestyle. It IS work and becomes a regular/daily practice as the process lives in and with you and it definitely gets challenging at times. This work has a dismantling nature to it as it deconstructs everything that's not love. And then you get to land in and embody more Love, more YOU. It is an unnerving ride at times for parts, but in the end they are all grateful to exit a suffering loop, a toxic and energy-consuming dynamic or take off the blinders to to let in more Love and transform, transmute, and remember their own essence as Infinite Love. In short, it's very challenging at times but so worth it in the end, every time."  Bianca, Germany, SoulFullHeart Facilitant

"I have been learning from SoulFullHeart for over a year now! Since earlier in 2019, I also started with one on one sessions that have helped me greatly with my inner development and connecting with parts of me that needed healing. In September, I spent 5 days with the Soulfullheart community in Victoria BC for an incredible self awareness and deep healing experience. This experience opened up significant portals of growth for me.

What they opened for me has made me a more compassionate, aware and loving person, especially toward myself!" - Isabela, Alberta Canada, Equinox Gathering participant, SoulFullHeart Facilitant

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Choose Your Higher Timeline Of Love

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