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In this FREE daily video series, SoulFullHeart Co-creator/Teacher/Facilitator and Emoto-Spiritual Ascension Guide/Author Jelelle Awen invites you to join her as she guides you on an arising, spontaneous, and potentially life shifting journey of deepening and transformation. For 33 days from January 1, 2019 and going until February 2nd, she showed up everyday in the moment to share from her heart and soul.

Jelelle will lead us with her powerful, catalytic, yet gentle and compassionate energy in guided meditations in the moment EVERY DAY for 33 days. These meditations are an opportunity to experience higher vibrational frequencies and also whatever needs to be felt, digested, and processed. They provide a bridge to you for a more visceral connection with your emotional body, 3D/4D/5D selves, star family, parts of yourself, Metasoul aspects, other timelines, the Divine Feminine and Masculine and MUCH more. Energy healing meditations will allow for activation, clearing, and connection with your Ascension Chakras, which can be a huge boost to your process. Full list of the daily meditations is below.


She will also open up to the current January, 2019 Ascension energies such as the 1/11 portal gateway and download/connect to the codes available in them. Jelelle will share her unique perspective during energy updates on current Cosmic energies such SOULar winds/Geomagnetic storms and Schumann/Gaia resonance spikes and waves, the supermoon lunar eclipse on 1/21, etc. as they connect to the emotional body digestion and soul awakenings.


Teachings about the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life process and community that Jelelle has lived in and co-led for several years will provide NEW and radical points of view about the seven main areas of life; 3D self parts such as the Inner Protector, Inner Teenager, Inner Mother/Father; Metasoul/other lifetime connection and healing; Sacred Union; disclosure; Star BEing contact; light body physical transformation; Divine Feminine and Masculine connection; and much more!


Special guests from SoulFullHeart will join her to contribute to the conversations and meditations, such as her Sacred Union mate/co-creator of SoulFullHeart Raphael Awen and SoulFullHeart Facilitators Gabriel Heartman and Kalayna Colibri, plus SoulFullHeart facilitant and her daughter, Raianna Shai.


Money donations are so appreciated and received with gratitude as an energy exchange to compensate Jelelle for the time/energy she puts out in the offering of this series for free through paypal:


This is an introduction and overview of the 33 Days Deepen video series in which Jelelle Awen shared the inspiration and intention of the series that ran from January 1st until February 2nd, 2019.

Metamorphosis 2018

33 Days Video Series 

This is an introduction and overview of the 33 Days series in which Jelelle Awen shares the inspiration and intention of the series that ran from January 1st until February 2nd, 2018. 

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