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Love is what draws us to find out what we are truly about.  It is how we begin to feel all the ways in which we had convinced ourselves what love really was, but we were not even close.  It was the love of the Divine, of others, and ultimately myself that led me to enter this grand exploration known as SoulFullHeart.


I had been in deep personal ache and emotional pain.  My daughter had chosen to live with her mother Jelelle, in Canada, which was the perfect place for her to be.  I was teaching 3rd grade at a local elementary school and was not feeling my heart in it anymore.  I loved the children, but the system itself was a coffin for my soul.  I could feel the need for something different and it wasn’t just a new career. I was spiritually disconnected and emotionally depressed.  Alcohol had become my best friend.  Those around me could only offer their own medications instead of life-altering gateways.  


I had known Jelelle for many years as we met early in our college years.  We were close friends, lovers, and then mates.  We were chosen to be parents by our daughter and eventually 3D life took its toll and we completed our marriage.  However, due to our deep soul bond, we continued to stay close, even as we did not talk for long periods of time.  When my daughter left, Jelelle felt my depression, as she always had, and offered to be my facilitator.  I had always had so much respect for her as someone who could just see right through me and cut to the core of what was going on.  This was true from our earlier days and was one of the main things that compelled me to enter into intimacy with her.


With her guidance, along with Raphael`s kingly lead as a male template and mentor, I began to realize I was so much more than I was giving myself credit for.  I have been through so many emotionally difficult and beautiful processes with my parts.   I have turned suffering into emerging Joy and an arising self-worth and self-love that was a daily struggle.  I continue to keep up with my own journey of self-discovery and self-expression.  I have found a voice and a purpose.  I found my big human heart in the middle of very muddy waters, and the desire to serve others to help find theirs.  


I have let go of many of my past relationships and attachments to get to a place of arising wonder about who and what I am and will continue to be.  I know the terrain of suffering, depression, self-loathing, and self-punishment.  I remember them and honor all they taught me about Love for Self, Life, Women, Men, and Divinity.  I am on a continual path of remembering my galactic roots and angelic nature.  I am a student, teacher, writer, poet, artist, healer, and lover.  


I feel drawn to serve all hearts and souls, be it man or woman. I feel an open, honest, and caring heart can serve love to anyone.  I don’t feel to shy away from telling you what you need to hear and feel in order to cross the Rubicons of your wounding and land yourself in new vistas of your authentically powerful and majestic YOU.  I am also here to learn from you.  And for that I am honored and blessed.  I look forward to sharing my experiences and serving real love with you when you feel the time is right.  I believe I have so much to offer in wisdom, experience, and true compassion to you and your parts.  It is what I was born to be and do.


Sending much love to you during this alive, yet sometimes painful time of growth and remembrance.  



Gracious Understanding And Support

- Rose

"Thank you for your gracious understanding and support Gabriel. I believe we were meant to connect and I really enjoyed meeting you and appreciate all your time and kindness. I wish I were better with words so you could know the full expression of my appreciation for everything you did for me. You definitely are living your calling."

Very Clear Presence, Compassion, Fellowship and a Safe Masculine Space

"I am so grateful to have met Gabriel and for my guidance that lead me to the SoulfullHeart folks.

My journey these last 7 years was so intense and complex, I’ve been praying to find someone who has the wisdom, capacity and experience to relate and comprehend it enough to work with me, in a deeply transformational way. I was anxious before the call and that quickly softened as I felt Gabriel’s very clear presence, compassion, fellowship and the safe masculine space he holds.

After only a short time of sharing he was able to help me identify aspects of my gatekeeper and protector that have been currently activated, and now I can build a relationship with them. Gabriel’s feedback clearly comes from deep listening, to his client and to his own deepest self. I felt seen, and seen through, safely with great compassionate understanding. What I’m feeling is so special about this work is how embodied it is. Looking forward to working with you Gabriel!


Gives Others Permission To Go Deep

- Monica

"I believe that we should share people who we know do good work, especially as we all further awaken and find those that can help us elevate. I love working with others in assisting transformation and healing. It is my honor and my calling. And I know when another practitioner is skilled and artful. There is a right match for everyone. I have experienced Gabriel Heartman ‘s work and he is one such facilitator. He is genuine and truly a man of heart. The depth of his personal process, vulnerability and authenticity are awe inspiring. He brings all of that with him in session and it gives others the permission to go deep and do the same. He holds space to allow and meet both the Shadow and the Light with equal compassion, and celebration. That is healing.  If you feel drawn, get a session."


Sessions with Gabriel

Free Intro Calls and

1:1 Bridging Sessions

Are you having some sense of confusion, lostness, and overwhelm? Are you wanting/needing more clarity and a NEW perspective on your own process? There is so much to navigate and feel with the ongoing Ascension and awakening process accelerating and deepening in this Now. A free 30-45 minute intro call with Gabriel offers a space for you to feel into if ongoing 1:1 sessions are a fit for you.


1:1 Bridging Sessions with Gabriel Heartman one on one over Zoom offers an illuminating look at your journey, your process, and your life. Coming from the truly unique SoulFullHeart Way Of Life perspective, Raphael provides a bridge to digest what you’ve experienced in your process, locate where you currently ARE, and identify possible next steps for your highest timeline manifestation. 1:1 sessions are $100 CAD for 90 minutes over Zoom or in person in Victoria, BC.


Connecting With The Inner Protector:

Guided Meditation With Gabriel

SoulFullHeart Facilitator Gabriel Heartman introduces the Inner Protector for men. In this video he describes how the Inner Protector is formed and how it keeps men from fully embodying and manifesting their deepest gifts, relationships, and higher timelines. It is about a curious connection and relationship to this part of the emotional body and not about judging or trying to fix or eliminate.




A Message From Our Other Now

The Time Is Only Ever Now (A 1/11 Poem)

The Mourning Dove's Song

I am here keeping your place warm and ready for your arrival.
The place you live already and yet are still making your way to

It is an ever-changing journey really
No real end
Just an ever-increasing gift of experience

These arising waves of Love’s vibrations
Sensations that pale in comparison
To the ones you chose to leave behind
In order to make room for more

You are a truly remarkable being...

Timelines may fall like ribbons in a parade of Divine goodness
Or they may burn up like rolls of film
In the darkroom of what we had been afraid to feel
Each one holding its own significance of grace and reverence
What is felt like an apocalypse one day is a graduation the next

The tired wrappings of your heart and soul’s protection
Are withering in the glow of the New Dawn arising in your direction
Turn and face the shadows
In order to see where the light is coming from
It is not an issue of too late, but...

Listen to the breeze for in it speaks your heart

The angelic voice of your heavenly home

And the breath of the passion that stokes your wayward climb


In the silence of the air there is a stillness

A pregnant pause to feel what is about to be released

What needs to let go of in order to fly


In the vastness of your forgotten...


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