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Soul Scribe and Author | 5D Ascension Guide | Galactic Ambassador



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From my earliest years, I have had a lush inner imaginative landscape that was always based in relationship.........relationship to the “make-believe” world inside and the “real” world on the outside.  Little did I know at the time I was inhabiting a soul gift that has translated to accessing the inner universe of subpersonalities, Metasoul aspects, and spirit guides of all kinds, along with awakenings to multidimensional realities.  I have always had a desire to feel the hearts of others and been compelled by the question, “What is really going on inside?” for myself and toward others.

I studied psychology, philosophy, literature, and creative writing in college, eager to learn yet not drawn to pursue degrees or academics in the usual way. My healer's heart led me to become a certified medical assistant working with cancer patients. My love for words expressed as a phase of being an editor/writer for a business newspaper. I eventually served as a certified business/life coach and manager of other coaches for five years and then as an emotional and spiritual parts work facilitator for four years starting in 2004, associated with a group based in Ashland, Oregon. 

Parts work allowed me to connect with and finally heal intense feelings of depression, anxiety, hurt and acute self consciousness. As I connected with the parts of me that felt these things and WHY they felt them, so much of my suffering became clear to me and shifted immensely through that process. I was amazed (and still am) at the transformation that happened as I tuned into specific energies of parts of me from this life and eventually from other lifetimes as well. Over time, I was able to make far healthier and self loving choices about ending toxic codependent patterns in relationships, following my soul purpose work, experiencing less anxiety about money, improving my physical body health (including quitting smoking after 15 years, starting when I was 17 years old) and much more. 


I have been through many intense trials and tribulations on my path of healing and finding my soul bigness and power over the last 15 years since my deeper awakening to the importance of the emotional body integrated with soul movements. I experienced a “Dark Night Of The Soul” awakening after my beloved mate Raphael and I (who had only just begun dating at the time) left the spiritual group and paradigm we were both a part of. It was this experience that allowed me to experience a profound awakening to the Divine Mother, who quickly arose as my deepest template to follow in terms of learning about authentic femininity and stillness, embodying both spine and heart, and living into my innate soul gifts in a deeper way than I was able to before. In deep resonance with this call and desire for leading and teaching, I embarked in 2010 on co-creating and offering with Raphael through individual, couples, and group sessions what eventually would be called the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  


The SoulFullHeart path is rooted deeply in my own self and personal experiences with parts/Metasoul work and soul awakenings along with my sacred union relationship with Raphael. This process and paradigm is how I have lived and related to my life for many years now. It has been a lifeline through so many tremendous changes during my awakening journey, navigating building my life back after leaving my previous healing work, many geographic and career/livelihood shifts, relationship completions that weren't resonant, and more. 

I have always been expressive through words, starting with a story my Inner Child wrote in fourth grade about my parent's divorce. I feel I am a soul scribe, offering frequencies of Golden Earth or 5D reality through infusions of energy in each word. Written beyond the mind, my words move from within at a more visceral level, bringing up heart resonance and higher self remembrance. I have self published three books, with one spiritual awakening memoir Keep Waking Up!: Awakenings Journeys To Avalon  Available now in PDF, ebook, and print editions.  I have also released two books offering new writings and compilations of previously shared writings called Bliss Mess: The Wonders And Challenges Of Ascension, plus Sacred Human, Arising Wonder, which are both available in PDF, ebook, and print editions. My writings have been featured on popular metaphysical and spiritual websites and as featured audio recordings on the You Tube channel Higher Self.

I am a multi-dimensional healer and actively explore this through my further awakenings as a sacred human and as a channel for non-codependent, authentic, infinite love through holding space during SoulFullHeart sessions, energy healing, and group sessions. I am a Galactic Ambassador with a strong connection to my Star Family and Lemurian/Atlantean Guides/Aspects and serve as a bridge to activate, awaken, and deepen this connection for you.

I offer over 15 years of coaching, energy healing, parts work and Metasoul Aspect facilitation experience with a deep embodiment of Divine Feminine frequencies of wisdom, compassion, and intuition. I've served hundreds of women in the SoulFullHeart process during session space.

I serve women in bridging and ongoing 1:1 sessions, along with group calls. More info here.



Upcoming Events

Next UP:

Navigating Relationships

Women's Group Call

January 26th, 2019 on Zoom

Navigating Relationships

Women's Group Call

With Jelelle Awen

Price: $15 CAD minimum donation​ to receive Zoom link or recording

Relationships with others are a powerful growth ground as we explore the expression of our sacred femininity in an embodied way. They offer challenges and much nourishment as we go into them with increasing transparency, vulnerability and criteria.


SoulFullHeart Teacher/ Facilitator/Divine Feminine bridge Jelelle Awen hosts this monthly group for women over Zoom to provide a transmission of codes to assist you in your ongoing process of sacred feminine embodiment. The focus of this group on Sunday, January 26, 2019 at 10:00am PDT over Zoom will be on navigating relationships with mates, birth family and friends during your awakening process as a woman.


Navigating relationships as an awakening sacred feminine woman is about FEELING with parts of yourself what your experiences have been, digesting the trauma from them, aligning with your deepest heart desires for them, and being able to set healthy boundaries and let go during them when necessary. In this call, we will explore HOW to be in relationships in a way that is current and transparent and which parts of you to connect with to become more this way in relationships.


During this call, Jelelle will guide you in a meditative space in which you will connect to the current relationships in your life and how parts of you feel about them, especially your Inner Protector and Inner Teenager. You will also tune into what your deepest heart desires are to experience in relationships.



I Don't Feel Depressed Any Longer

"I love having sessions with Jelelle. I have been working with her for a few months now and I feel so many pieces and parts of my journey making more sense. I feel this dropping away of needing to push into re-living trauma and rather learning to hold the parts of me experiencing life from the trauma with love and compassion. Which is being templated to me by Jelelle so beautifully. I feel able to bring all of myself and parts to my sessions, leaving nothing behind or unheard. I feel change happening on the deepest level I have ever experienced. The love and intimacy with myself and others that grows from this place of feeling myself is huge. These sessions bring so much joy into my life, which really supports the challenges. The wonderful community surrounding this process too is such a support and growing place."

- Deva, SoulFullHeart Facilitant

Helped Me To Release Old Pain And Blockages

"I am honored to have benefited from many 1:1 sessions with Jelelle. Each has been transformative. She has helped me to release old pain and blockages (from this, and other lifetimes), and feel much more clear, aligned, and present. I look forward to more sessions in the future, and am much-indebted to have benefited from her clear, gentle, and adept guidance, and her intuitive healing abilities. She is a master healer and guide with very special gifts, and a loving, beautiful and wise old soul. With great appreciation!"

- Amy, SoulFullHeart Facilitant

Feeling Empowered

"I highly highly recommend sessions with Jelelle! She leads such such compassion, clarity and understanding of what it takes to do this work. Being in session with her does not mean being told how to live, who to be, or what to do, but about feeling empowered to learn more about your own inner world so that the parts inside of you can guide you to your next steps. There are many processes I've had that I could not have gone to the depths of without this connection and knowledge of my own inner landscape. She guides you on how to connect and love parts of yourself, how to dive deep into the soul and discover both the trauma and gifts that lie there as well as how to reach galactic aspects of your soul. Could not suggest booking a session with her more."

- Raianna Shai, SoulFullHeart Social Media Maven, Facilitant


Group Sessions

Group Transmissions

Jelelle and Raphael Awen host virtual groups over zoom to provide a transmission of 5D self coming into the body, awakened frequencies to you. You can receive these frequencies live with them (highly recommended) or take in the recording afterwards.


If you attend the live groups, you'll have the opportunity to share with Jelelle and other SoulFullHeart Facilitators what you experienced during the transmission and receive feedback/next steps of integration from her. The focus of these groups is to transmit to you a highly embodied frequency of sacred human connection that is seated in the heart. These groups serve as activations of your next levels in the ascension process, whatever that is for you personally. They are empowering and self activating, in the sense that YOU are the source of activation for yourself and they serve as a bridge to feel/experience this.


The group transmissions are open to the public. You can attend the group and/or receive the recording for an energy exchange of $15 CAD minimum donation. You can offer your payment here or at paypal.me/jelelleawen. We will send you the zoom link to join us when we receive your payment.

Recordings Available From Previous Transmissions

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Deepen 2020:33 Day Video Series 

with Jelelle Awen

This Deepen 2020 series will be offered on an arising basis, rather than every day for a set period of time, and will be responsive to current events/cosmic energies/personal & collective process, etc. Every Deepen 2020 video will offer a teaching and a guided meditation.

Latest Book

Bliss Mess: The Wonders and Challenges Of Ascension offers a new perspective on awakening to Fifth Dimensional or New Earth frequencies in a way that honors both the movements and the difficulties of this process.

Recent Guided Meditation

with Jelelle Awen

In this fifth video of my video series called Deepen 2020, I (Jelelle Awen, SoulFullHeart Teacher/Facilitator) talk about the reboot process that is going on a multidimensional level specifically with the Reptilian timelines and the 3D/4D Matrix control systems that have been established. I share about your Reptilian Self, which is a lower 4D soul fragment of yours that lives in a close overlay dimension to yours. Our Reptilian selves are plugged into their own Matrix, which uses a One Mind controlled by Artificial Intelligence. I share about the mutual liberation that can occur in connecting with and helping your Reptilian Self unplug from this One Mind matrix.


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by Jelelle Awen

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