5 Day SoulFullHeart Retreat


When: Thursday, November 8th through Monday, November 12th 2018

                 10:00am until around 5:00pm each day

What:  Come join us in beautiful, sunny Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a five day SoulFullHeart     

                immersion retreat!

               - Activate your 5D Self and your highest timeline

               - Experience a resonant community of heart open souls

               - Connect meaningfully with parts of yourself and Metasoul/other timeline aspects leading

                  to quantum healing, rapid integration, and self love

               - Receive energy healing woven in with personal process sharing

               - Deepen your understanding of the SoulFullHeart process, way of life, and community,

                  which could lead to a desire to become a SoulFullHeart Facilitator someday too

               This five day retreat offers the opportunity to immerse into your soul and heart realities in a

               deep, powerful, and transmutational way. This retreat is taught and facilitated by Raphael

               and Jelelle Awen - with assistance from SoulFullHeart Facilitators Gabriel Heartman and

               Kalayna Colibri. Raphael and Jelelle will be offering about the unique and cutting edge

               SoulFullHeart Way Of Life process and way of life that they have been living, developing,

               and co-creating for ten years.

               Raphael and Jelelle have been facilitating individual and groups for many years. They hold

               a very safe, catalytic, and supportive group space for you to feel your emotional reality,

               express your soul gifts/access, and connect with whatever parts/aspects you are currently

               working with. 


Retreat will include:

              - Daily Teaching space with Raphael and Jelelle

              - Individual process sharing space within the group

              - Daily Yoga/body movement

              - Daily guided meditations and 5D activations

              - Energy healing as needed for individuals

              - Shared lunch meals together and possibilities of after retreat days community/social

                 experiences as well


Prerequisite: At least two sessions with a SoulFullHeart Facilitator prior to attending the retreat


Costs: $444 USD minimum donation prepaid. This is for the retreat itself and does not include costs for transportation, food, and lodging.

Accommodations: We can connect you with affordable lodging here (as low as $200/week), places to buy/eat cheap food, and Puerto Vallarta is an international tourist destination with many affordable flights coming in and out of PV Airport every day.

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