Ascension Energy Healing

with Jelelle Awen

1:1 Ascension Energy Healing Sessions for women over zoom or in person in Victoria, BC, Canada - $55 USD/$77 CAD minimum donation (prepaid) for a 75-90 minute session

Ascension Energy Healing Session With Jelelle Awen

Are you feeling the pull and desire to connect with your Ascension chakras? Have you been having Energy-based experiences and physical/emotional/energectic symptoms and would like to understand them better? Do you feel there are blocks in your energy flow and/or auric field that you would like to dissolve with love?

An Ascension Energy Healing session with SoulFullHeart Teacher/Facilitator and long-time energy healer Jelelle Awen  one on one over Zoom or in person in Victoria, BC offers an self empowering experience of your energy system upgrading and activating into the next level of your Ascension. Coming from the truly unique SoulFullHeart Way Of Life perspective, Jelelle Awen provides a bridge to your Gatekeeper, an aspect of your Metasoul that guards over your energy system, overall soul awakening this life and your veil of amnesia....along with access to other lifetimes/timelines. 

During the session with Jelelle, you will go on a powerful meditative journey together with her to connect with your Gatekeeper. The meditative space Jelelle creates is a safe, yet very catalytic higher dimensional space that allows love to flow in new and miraculous ways to the parts of you that need it. This journey is led by you, with the support of Jelelle, Divine Guides, and your 5D Self.

Jelelle will also connect to your Ascension Chakras - specifically, the upper three beyond the crown chakra that form your Personal Sun chakra vortex and your earth chakra 'root system' connected to Mother Gaia. She will show you how to activate and clear/clean your chakras so that you can then do yourself. Jelelle offers comforting yet powerful activating energies to allow for more integration of the ascension energy frequencies/codes that may still be 'waiting' in your auric field for downloading. She will also identify any stuck and congested areas in your chakras, along with any objects that may be there (which may be removed with much love during the session or not, depending on Divine timing.) She will also introduce to your Sacred Human 5D violetprint or Light Body template.

Jelelle has been an energy healer for many years, first receiving training from a previous spiritual teacher in 2006 in a method he called Avraprana. Jelelle became reiki attuned in 2010, which awakened further energy healing gifts in her cultivated in many other lifetimes/timelines. Jelelle brings an unique perspective to energy healing in that she feels the importance of including your Gatekeeper in the process and is very collaborative with you in it. She sees the emotional body, parts of self and soul, and the chakras themselves as all interconnected and related to each other and helps you make these connections for yourself too. She receives the support of her Star Family guides/aspects during sessions and helps you to create these bridges within yourself.

If you are interested in an Ascension Energy Healing session, please send these answers to Jelelle prior to it as it will give her a sense of how to serve you:

What drew you to SoulFullHeart and to request an Ascension Energy Healing session with me?

How familiar are you with your chakras/energy system?

What is your biggest pain/suffering about related to your energy system?

Tell me something about your awakening journey and how it has been for you.

Requested Meditations to Engage with Prior to the Ascension Energy Healing Session that will introduce you to the Ascension chakras (beyond the main seven) that Jelelle works with:

Ascension Body/Chakras Guided Meditation

Meet Your Gatekeeper Guided Meditation

Here is suggested reading prior to the energy session:

Etheric Implants, energy healing, and ALL held there with love, put there by love

Here’s more information about how to use and install Zoom.

 The Ascension Energy Healing Session offers a bridging experience for you to feel if you’d like to go deeper into the SoulFullHeart process through a Bridging session and possibly our DEEP process. It is meant to be one-time session, in most cases.

Contact us on our contact page or email to set up a time for the session and ask any questions.


I Feel Deeply Grateful

"Jelelle facilitated & held our energy session in a way that is unique to me.  I felt completely embraced and safe to  express what is & what is arising in me.  I feel deeply grateful for the energy Jelelle radiated in our space for me to open up and expand.  The recording provided of session further moves and reverberate long after.

So Thankful & Much Love."

- C. Wang, Energy Healing Session

Literally Transformed Me

"All the work you and I have done in sessions has literally transformed me, Jelelle! I not only feel emotionally and  
mentally healed, but physical symptoms have disappeared! I have absolutely no doubt that there is validity to all that we do."

- Kat, Texas - Deep Process Sessions

Best Meditation I Ever Did

“No words can adequately express my gratitude. Language poured out of me. Never happened before. Brought such great relief from connecting with home."  David P. - SoulFullHeart Experience You Tube Comment on Meet Your Star Family Meditation


"Blessings to you. This was the first meditation where I truly was able to connect. Light is oozing from me currently, thank you!" Tylah Knox - SoulFullHeart Experience You Tube Comment on Meet Your Star Family Meditation

"This was the best meditation I ever did! I saw them so clear and felt so much love. I'm in tears. Just wanna say thank you." Adriana - SoulFullHeart Experience You Tube Comment on Meet Your Star Family Meditation

- Maria, USA

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