"Ascension invites the stretching upward, the blooming and growing, the awakening and expanding. It is the remembering of what has been forgotten. It is the reclaiming of what has been disowned. It is the loving of what has been judged, both inside and toward others. It is the wanting of MORE from your soul and Higher Self, shifting away from the desire center of your 3D Self who wants comfort and safety and to keep life small and to fit in with others. It is the letting go and mourning and releasing of what no longer serves love and the expression of your Higher Self. It is holding space for all of the reactions that come up in the emotional body in response to this process of letting go."

- Jelelle Awen, From Sacred Human, Arising Wonder

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L to R: Raianna Shai. Kalayna Colibri, Gabriel Heartman, Jelelle and Raphael Awen

It feels to us like Gaia (as a consciousness in planetary form) is moving out of the third dimension and into the lower fourth, which is shaking out many of the shadow playouts, government and financial corruption, mass protests, etc. This seems to be the ‘event’ of December, 2012 in which it was the end of the world in the sense of the 3D consciousness that had held such dominance over Gaia began to shift. Many Star BEings and Ethereal beings are supporting this shift as they have long yearned for Gaia and her human inhabitants to shake off the suppressive and limiting consciousness of 3D to remember our essence as sacred humanity through more inhabitation of our 5D and beyond consciousness as Divine selves or light beings. 

We felt this shift as a community and moved from the Vancouver, Canada area to live on a remote, off-grid ranch in rural Mexico in November, 2014. Our main motivation for doing this was a feeling of industrial collapse coming, which in the 3D realm is a real possibility although we now feel that collective disclosure of free energy technologies (esp.) along with the collapse of fear-based forces currently in power in 3D government, etc. could although for a much smoother transition. While on the ranch, we immersed ourselves in off-grid living, learning how to life sustainably and self sufficiently, growing and harvesting from our organic gardens, connecting deeply with our natural surroundings, and experiencing many profound soul awakenings (as Jelelle shares about in her book, Keep Waking Up!)


About the


The journey of awakening and ascension, moving from 3D consciousness to 4D and higher, of integrating the emotional body with your spirituality, is non-linear, spiraling, and ever deepening. In offering a process path through SoulFullHeart, we honor that each soul’s experience is unique while providing a means to navigate the murky grounds of awakening with some ‘heart rails’ offered by our standardized process. The process is not meant to create a ‘cookie cutter’ experience as each person (along with their Higher Self coming into their bodies and their guides/aspects merging into their consciousness) is leading their own process. Yet, the SFH process is something that you can ‘lean into’ temporarily as you go into the deep dive healing and awakening exploration of your inner worlds.


Your SoulFullHeart facilitator is a guide in this journey. We live this process as our way of life, deeply engaged with it, and personally feel the 3D/4D/5D aspects in ourselves that we will be helping you identify and feel too. We are intimately familiar with the SFH process and how and when to offer you the many resources that we have in our extensive library of writings and videos. As facilitators, we cannot do the work for you, yet instead provide guidance, support, and reflections as you go. Your relationship with your facilitator provides a template for relating with another person where you are leaning into their guidance in moments while also claiming your own sovereignty. The true teacher in your life is YOU and SoulFullHeart facilitates and supports your remembering of this. The SoulFullHeart process is a very individual and personal one in which you are leading the way with your facilitator providing a supportive role to you. Your sovereignty and autonomy remain intact as you explore your own inner terrain with the assistance of the tools, methods, intuitions, and heart tones of your facilitator and the SoulFullHeart community to support you. Read more about facilitators here. 


The SoulFullHeart process is the result of fifteen years of personal process work with parts of ourselves, serving others in session space, and witnessing hundreds of souls engage in an emoto-spiritual parts process. Along the way, we’ve been inspired by and engaged deeply with some other modalities, yet the SoulFullHeart process is completely unique in its design and implementation. Raphael and Jelelle have been offering some form of this process through individual, couples, and group sessions since 2010. In designing and creating the current SFH process, we wanted to offer a specific ‘how’; a definitive ways and means to connect with, integrate, and heal the 3D conditioning that we have all received, navigate the often very challenging transitional 4D consciousness states, and embody more 5D consciousness/higher self. One of the truly unique aspects of this process is how it bridges your ‘this life’ experience with your metaphysical, spiritual, soul legacy, altered consciousness states, and other lifetime experiences. The SoulFullHeart process is the lived in and loved in result of our feeling our deepest tears, fears, joys, blisses, AND messes that live inside of our emotional bodies and our Metasoul fields.


Let’s turn the world as you have known it upside down for a moment. Let’s offer that instead of one personality, what you know as ‘you’ or ‘I’, running the show of your life, that there are actually many personalities expressing in your life and many others that are off in the shadows. And, instead of seeing this condition as a pathological one, (i.e. the clinical diagnosis of multiple personality or cognitive dissociative disorders), we feel that this is normal life for all of us as we have adjusted to third dimensional (3D) consciousness reality. The clinical disorders/labels associated with having a fragmented existence in which personalities take over or possess consciousness without our awareness is actually an extremely wounded form of our universal subpersonal makeup. What is missing in these extreme forms, as we shall see, is a healthy ‘Aware Ego,’ or ‘5D Self/embodying higher self’ mediating the subpersonal reality.


The sense of having more than one personality operating inside of us is one that most of us are actually more conscious of experiencing than you might realize at first. Using the words ‘part of me’ is quite common…as in ‘part of me would like to quit this job and another part of me wouldn’t think of doing that.’ Most people can readily see that who they are at work or in social settings is a different version than who they are when they are alone or with family or mates. We also experience divergent and polarized energies inside of us, especially in times of stress, trauma, or during major life transitions. It can be a bit intense to feel how our moods can shift so dramatically or how we can suddenly just feel ‘not like ourselves’ when we are being highly reactive to a situation. It can feel like we are ‘possessed’ or that ‘something is taking us over’ during these times. It turns out that we are constantly being possessed (so to speak) by different aspects or parts of ourselves or subpersonalities. In the SoulFullHeart process, we have come to discover over time that each of these subpersonal aspects has a distinctive energy, tone, voice, likes and dislikes, environment that it lives in, appearance, life history, name that it goes by, and play out in our lives.


How the 3D/4D/5D

Relate to the 

Key Areas of Life

This process is intended as a self-guided location tool to see where you are at by evaluating yourself through two new lenses. One lens is the ‘7 Key Areas Of Life’ as identified by SoulFullHeart (Emotional, Spiritual, Mental, Social, Physical, Financial, and Environmental). The other lens is through third dimensional (3D), fourth dimensional (4D), and fifth dimensional (5D) states of consciousness. Dimensions are not physical or even spiritual ‘places’ that you go to, as much as they represent different consciousness states of awareness and experience of reality (that you can bring you to any place). Different spiritual teachings apply different meanings to the terms ‘dimension’, or ‘density’ and may also see and describe more dimensions or densities beyond the 5th. We feel not to contend for any one correct interpretation, but instead to see this whole discussion as a way to make some very important distinctions.

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