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To                   Life Again (and MORE!)

By Kalayna Solais


I’ve been feeling layers of inner judger frequencies inside myself for years now. They come and go, seem to fade away and then come back stronger, usually when I am inhabiting more of my soul gifts and bigness. These parts, when left unfelt, can tend to throw wrenches in the newly-greased wheels of forward movement and this can express as sabotage of our jobs, our relationships, etc. As their energy wells-up inside of us it can overflow outward to others, even during times when we feel we are serving love. It’s not that there isn’t ANY love available in those moments, yet if we are offering discernments and reflections to others that come with heavy judgments too, this is  a frequency springing from judgments INside, from us to us. It can be subtle to most people, which is why the reflections from life, love and others who have been there are SO important. Once you really start recognizing and working with these frequencies inside of you though, that’s when you notice this happening and can really learn to be with it as it heals and transmutes into something new inside of you.

So what is the actual gift of connecting with these parts of us?

This layer of “judger/shame" (shame comes up as the underbelly of this part and often has very strong frequencies too) that I’m working with right now, I was able to really feel in recent a session with Jelelle and Raphael. This layer represents a lot of my conditioning as a woman and also a human being, coming from my upbringing, culture and birth family. This part also represents and holds a ton of power, which is really my personal, creative and alchemical power. It is power that has been misguided in its use and purpose, choosing to fixate on what is going wrong or could go wrong, versus all of the wonders and wonderfuls that are happening at the same time and that COULD SO happen in the near “future”. This revelation came as a surprise in some ways, and yet made so much sense. Inner judger frequencies are powerful, yes, and play out in so many ways in our lives, yet finding a love inside of us that can love this misuse of power, forgive it and then guide it to use this power for something GOOD and love-focused, THIS is life-changing.

I have felt before how possible it is that the two most deeply transformative parts of us to connect with are the inner judger/critic and the magical or inner child… there is a very strong need to connect with the protector as well in order to access these frequencies fully. Yet, when it’s the phase for it, working with these two parts of us illuminates so much about us, the timelines we have subconsciously chosen and lived in so far and all of the choices we’ve made that have placed us in the life circumstances we’re in now. It truly is a journey to finding, feeling and reuniting with our purity and our astounding power, to connect with these and any other parts of us that come forward. Feeling the heaviness that comes with this package DOES open out into something so much better than we have yet imagined… or maybe we have but have had trouble really buying it as a possibility with these unfelt parts denying that there is any space for that inside of us (even though THEY want the lovely outcomes too!).

Work with these energies inside of us seems to only happen on a deeply transformative level if we can allow ourselves to be humbled by it and let in reflections from others who have been there. These energies can play out in so many subtle ways that it becomes very hard to really track it all on our own. After all, these habits and ways of being are so ingrained in many of us that it really just feels like who we ARE. I want to offer though that these frequencies are NOT us at the core of our being and with some courage, dedication and tons of love, we can move them, heal them, and become more and more of who we ARE, creating the timelines we actually want and living a life that we genuinely love. 

We are so here for you if you would like some help shining light on this complex matrix inside of you where your own inner judger is possibly living. This really CAN and WANTS to heal inside of you with some earnest love and care. Visit here for more information about sessions with a SoulFullHeart facilitator. 

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