Facilitation Training Sessions

with Jelelle Awen

The focus of SoulFullHeart Facilitator training sessions is on deeper embodiment and understanding of the SoulFullHeart process and how to eventually offer it in space holding sessions with individuals and groups as an expression of your service of love. This training is not a guarantee or promise of becoming a SoulFullHeart Facilitator, yet does offer a bridge to your service of love self and an opportunity to receive deeper mentoring/guidance/templating from Senior SoulFullHeart Facilitator Jelelle Awen and other SoulFullHeart Facilitators that could eventually lead to becoming a SoulFullHeart Facilitator. This is an exploration of these grounds that can also bring great growth and healing of the wounded healer/teacher traumas from this life and other lifetimes. This also provides community connection with others focused on serving love through the SoulFullHeart process.

This training is open to anyone engaged in SoulFullHeart sessions who feels a deeper resonance with the SoulFullHeart process and wants to explore eventually offering it as the primary method they would like to use to work with people. This is offered ONLY to those engaging in ongoing, at least twice a month sessions with Jelelle and other SoulFullHeart Facilitators.

L to R: SoulFullHeart Facilitators Gabriel Heartman and Kalayna Solais, and Jelelle Awen

​Requirements of the SoulFullHeart Facilitator Training are a month by month commitment:

     - Minimum of two individual sessions a month with

       Jelelle or other certified SoulFullHeart Facilitators -

      $200 CAD (and more sessions encouraged)

     - Attendance at the once a month Facilitator


       Round/Session over zoom with Jelelle,   

       SoulFullHeart Facilitators and Facilitator trainees -

       $100 CAD
     - Attendance at live stream events on Facebook and

       Group Transmission calls whenever possible

     - Increasing embodiment of SoulFullHeart paradigm

       in ALL areas of life

     - Studying curriculum and completing processes

       presented to support you by Jelelle

     - Cost per month is $300 CAD (about $222 USD)

       and includes two individual sessions and the

       monthly SFH Facilitator training group session.

You would be a SoulFullHeart Facilitator once named by Jelelle and SoulFullHeart Healing as such, having met certain criteria along the way to show deeper embodiment of the SoulFullHeart process. This criteria includes engaging in longer term visits/immersions and/or living near or in the SoulFullHeart Community in Victoria, BC where you have experienced individual/group sessions and trainings in person.

Once you became an SoulFullHeart Facilitator, you would be included in the marketing efforts on the website, museletter, social media etc. and also referred facilitants by SoulFullHeart Healing (which is a registered non-profit society in BC, Canada).

Contact Jelelle Awen if you are interested in participating in this SoulFullHeart Facilitator Training process. The first training session will be begin in October 2019 but you can start the training any time after that. 

About SoulFullHeart Facilitators:


A SoulFullHeart Facilitator is a heart opening soul who lives their life from the SoulFullHeart Healing perspective and closely connected to SoulFullHeart community. They are 'following a sense of vocation' in choosing service of love through SoulFullHeart and relate to it this way, rather than as an 'occupation' or career or job. A SFH Facilitator is a guide to assist you on your journey through the SoulFullHeart process. Similar to a sherpa who helps the mountaineers who are climbing the Himalayan mountain ranges, the sherpa cannot climb the mountain for the climber but can be a huge support as they navigate the intense terrain. This terrain is native to the sherpa as it is their way of life, their home. So is the SFH process and the deep grounds that it goes into for a SFH Facilitator.


The SFH Facilitator cannot 'do' the process or the work for you, yet they can become a huge heart and soul line as you dive in yourself. The parts work ground and work with the Metasoul is fluid for them as they have personally journeyed to these places inside of themselves with the help of another SFH Facilitator and are continuing to do so by attending the SoulFullHeart Facilitator Training Sessions, monthly group sessions, individual sessions with another SFH Facilitator, etc. They can model for you how to BE with all aspects of yourself in a loving, curious, non-caretaking, compassionate, and heart open way.

SFH Facilitators are not only practitioners looking to earn their next 'income' from holding sessions. They feel trust and goodness in what comes to them and what rate/pace that it comes. They might invite you into a session if you share that you are needing help or have interest in it, yet they don't push or sell or convince you about the process or to have sessions. They respect your sovereign capacity to choose and that it is a sacred process that you and your higher self are sorting through whether to begin the process or not. Receiving a gift donation in the form of money for a session is a blessed thing that they feel grateful for each time and are not looking to just earn money for the 'sake' of earning it through being a SFH Facilitator.

SFH Facilitators are also not therapists or counsellors, as their relationship with you may go much deeper than just a 'clinical' or 'therapeutic' one, especially if you become a close part of the SFH community. Also rather than a mental analysis or prescribing drugs to 'numb' your feelings or giving you psychic read outs, they encourage you to go deeply into the feeling states with parts of yourself and empower you to lead your own process. Your Facilitator is able to hold space for the emotional digestion of your parts as they feel what parts of you are feeling while the parts are feeling it. This capacity to feel you at this deep level is possible because of the inner work they have done with their own parts and goes much beyond being a good listener and asking therapeutic questions.

Rather than most of the healing happening within session space (as is the usual therapy and 'energy' session model), YOU hold space for yourself and your own process in your own life and increasingly in every moment.....and then share what you have discovered during sessions with your Facilitator during sessions and check-ins in between them. You 'drop into' a part of yourself or teleport to a Metasoul timeline during a session and often will be guided in this by your Facilitator, yet you are leading your own process and it is very collaborative. You are responsible for where it specifically goes next, with intuitions, guidance, and journaling questions provided by your Facilitator and the SoulFullHeart process to support you. This is self-empowering to you and allows your sovereignty to remain intact even as you are 'leaning into' the SFH process and your Facilitator. Eventually, you will guide yourself on these inner journeys more and more.

SFH facilitation is not something that can be trained or certified over a week long training course....or even weeks long one. It is not something that can be learned by the mind (although there is increasing mental understanding of the SoulFullHeart paradigm that comes over time.) To embody the non-judgmental yet highly intuitive energy and loving presence of a SFH Facilitator is about BEing the process and that comes from the inner work and engaging with the process itself. This could take months or years before someone would be 'ready' to hold space for another as a SFH Facilitator. It is life/the Divine/your Higher Self that certifies and qualifies you to become one as your resonance deepens and you start to draw others to serve, with the support of the SoulFullHeart Teachers and community through the SoulFullHeart Facilitator Training process.

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