These gatherings are hosted, taught and facilitated by Raphael and Jelelle Awen. Raphael and Jelelle will be offering about the authentic, unique, and progressive SoulFullHeart Healing process that they have been living, developing, and co-creating for ten years.

Raphael and Jelelle have been facilitating individual and groups for many years. They hold a very safe, catalytic, and supportive group space for you to feel your emotional reality, express your soul gifts/access, and connect with whatever parts/aspects you are currently working with.

Next Gathering will be virtual for the Spring Equinox March 20-23rd, 2020. More info coming soon!

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More Info Coming Soon!

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The photos above are from our Equinox SoulFullHeart Four Day Gathering in September, 2019


"I'll be processing this magical experience for a while. There are no words to capture how much it meant to spend time in-person with such a beautiful community of souls. The parts work, the healing that honored and integrated my inner protector (a first), the trip to breathtaking Salt Spring Island, walks to the park and beach to enjoy the sunset....What's not to love? I'm already looking forward to future visits and work together. Unforgettable. With love and appreciation for your warmth, wisdom, and generosity. All my love." - Amy, North Carolina, USA - Equinox Gathering participant, SoulFullHeart Facilitant

"About a week ago, I took part in an event near and dear to my heart. I’ve been on this particular facet of my personal growth journey working virtually with the SoulFullHeart commUNITY (Jelelle Awen In particular) for well over a year now. I was honored to finally meet “the SFH team” along with three other like minded women in person, to take part in their first ever gathering retreat in Victoria, Canada.


The experience was well beyond words and was truly felt deep within my heart and soul. For those looking to meaningfully deepen their personal healing journeys and self understandings along with infinite love and galactic consciousness; I couldn’t recommend the SoulFullHeart process enough. It resonates so deeply with my soul, far beyond what traditional psychotherapy ever has. Reiki on love steroids, a sort of human support group for galactic integration; I can’t imagine where or who I would be if I didn’t find Jelelle and crew over a year ago.  " - Saralyn Bliss, New York, USA = Equinox Gathering participant, SoulFullHeart Facilitant

Read more testimonials here.

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