By Raphael and Jelelle Awen


In offering an integrated Way Of Life and looking to draw interest and engagement, it felt not only important, but incumbent upon us, to describe as best we could and as currently as we could what the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life is premised upon. This invites you to feel if you are drawn or not, as well as to see what we are about before getting more deeply involved.

It also feels really important and accurate to say that, in some fundamental way, we ‘made all this up’. We aren’t claiming  to have the absolute truth about reality or that a ‘Divine Revelation From God’  calls for you to surrender to our truth. Rather we have, to the best of our heart’s ability, carefully contained in words the most current description of what we see and believe and practice. All of it is prefaced with a ‘Near as we can tell’ energy. Only you, as a sovereign and autonomous being, can decide if these premises speak your truth or not.

1. SoulFullHeart Premise:

SoulFullHeart is an integrated, holistic way of life, beyond a therapeutic or spiritual practice or religion, which leads to what we call, 'SoulFullHeartenment'.

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2. SoulFullHeartenment Premise:

SoulFullHeartenment is an awakening state of consciousness involving the paradoxical processes of individuation or ego maturation while healing the illusion of the separate self leading to a deepening sense of union with self, others, and God/The Divine.


3. Nature Of Reality Premise:

SoulFullHeart invites you to be open to a different picture than the body-mind reality, which is that everything is made up of energy; time/space/money are illusionary; everything is sourced from Infinite Love; and our innate nature is both dual and nondual.


4. Parts Reality Premise:

Rather than just one singular “I” in charge of life, SoulFullHeart offers that we are made up of many parts or aspects (both those in outed expression and those in shadow, those of our human-3D life and those of our soul) formed through undigested traumas that can be integrated and healed into an authentic, sacred human self called the SoulFullHeart Self.


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5. The Divine/God Premise:

God is everything and everyone; each of us is an expression of It with no being any higher than any other.  Realization of our God self expression is the ultimate goal of our life and incarnational cycles.

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6. Heart and Soul Consciousness Premise:

Consciousness awakening and healing of both the heart and the soul congestions are crucial for SoulFullHeartenment, development of the SoulFullHeart Self, and for union with Self, Others, and God.



7. Union With Self Premise:

Union with Self arises through heart and soul consciousness awakening, which includes deconditioning, individuation, and differentiation which leads to the formation of what we call the SoulFullHeart Self and the state of SoulFullHeartenment.


8. Union With Others Premise:

Union with others arises through heart and soul resonance in non-codependent relationships, relating through parts reality processing within monogamous romantic union, and within SoulFullHeart Community.


9. Union With God-The Divine Premise:

Union with the Divine, in both dualistic and nondualistic forms, arises through direct communion without a middleman, negotiation with parts, and healing soul wounding and conditioning leading to increasing sense of the Infinite Love that we are sourced from our essence as a fragment of God.


10. Self to Self-Personhood Premise:

The SoulFullHeart process offers a growing sense of true, authentic, even radical self love, a self to self relationship that comes from embracing all aspects of ourselves from which our spiritual awakenings and explorations can arise from. This growth of the 'personhood' ground of our being is a critical piece that we feel has been missing from many sainthood and sagehood paths.


11. Seven Areas Of life Premise:

SoulFullHeart offers that the natural state of what we call the sacred human self or who we were meant to be in our authentic expression is one where all of seven key areas in our life are expressed in a balanced and healthy way through feeling your parts or subpersonalities and how they relate to them: emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, social, financial, and environmental. 


12. Deconstruction Premise:

Our current industrialized way of life that provides food, water, and energy is collapsing, leading to massive change (that is part of a bigger picture phase of deconstruction, death, and rebirth.


13. Cause of Suffering Premise:

What we refer to as suffering is actually about an unhealthy suffering over healthy human suffering. To be human is to keenly feel and in this way, to suffer. Unwillingness to have a personal relationship with this inherent vulnerability of being human manifests in the fear of love; lack of individuation; the illusion of the separate self from Self, Others, and God; and by not seeing the bigger soul reason behind healthy human suffering.


14. SoulFullHeart Romantic Union Premise:

Romantic union offers both the most nourishing relational ground and the most challenging crucible for growth through two people monogamously committed to ever deepening heart, soul, and body resonance by processing the relationship through the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.



15. Money Premise:

Our relationship to money (which is ultimately an illusion) can either be a source of suffering or freedom.


16. Body Premise:

We have a body, we are not our body and physical injuries and illness stem from an emotional and energetic root cause.


17. Beyond Mental Premise:

We have a mind; we are not our mind.


18. SoulFullHeart Community Premise:

SoulFullHeart communal living arrangements at a sustainable sanctuary offer the deepest path to SoulFullHeartenment.

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19. Chakra Premise:

Chakras are energy centers and living organisms with a direct link to physical and emotional health, linked to the wider spiritual makeup of things.


20. Polarities Premise:

The universe is made up of polarities. Balance is gained by accepting both light and dark-shadow in the Universe and inside of ourselves rather than suppressing the negative or rejecting it as not coming from the Divine.


21. Processes and Practices Premise:

It is important to engage in regular (ideally every day) practices and processes to awaken your SoulFullHeart Self, including creative visualization meditation, journaling and verbal dialogue with your parts, sessions with your SoulFullHeart Facilitator, and chakra cleansing.


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