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"In our separateness, our forgetting, our veiled consciousness, then it can seem as if things outside of us can be against us. And even within, we feel the greatest battle of all from one aspect of us to another...either forgotten, buried, suppressed, or ignored by us. As we remember our Unity, our togetherness, our Oneness within, as we collect the fragments and scatters and pieces of ourselves and they arise together in crystalline form held by our hearts, our souls, and our Divine self...then, do we remember our wholeness and experience that anything outside of us originates within and Love becomes the only response..."

- Jelelle Awen, SoulFullHeart Co-Creator/Teacher/Facilitator

SoulFullHeart Sessions

SoulFullHeart Facilitators Raphael and Jelelle Awen

Bridging Sessions

With A SoulFullHeart Facilitator


Bridging Sessions With A SoulFullHeart Facilitator are for $100 CAD minimum donation (prepaid) (about $75 USD) for a 90 minute session over Zoom or in person in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Jelelle Awen - with women

Raphael Awen - with men and women

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Are you having some sense of confusion, lostness, and overwhelm? Are you wanting/needing more clarity and a NEW perspective on your own process? 

There is so much to navigate and feel with the ongoing Ascension and awakening process accelerating and deepening in this Now. Bridging Sessions with a SoulFullHeart Facilitator one on one over Zoom or in person in Victoria, BC offer an illuminating look at your journey, your process, and your life. Coming from the truly unique SoulFullHeart Way Of Life perspective, a SoulFullHeart Facilitator provides a bridge to digest what you’ve experienced in your process, locate where you currently ARE, and identify possible next steps for your highest timeline manifestation.

​During the session(s), the Facilitator will feel your emotional body reality and how parts of you (especially your Inner Protector) may be expressing in your life in different ways as they digest with you what your awakening journey has been and brought up for you. They will feel into the area of your life with the most pain, difficulty, or desire to start to create a bridge to your 5D Self and Protector which helps you to see and feel it with more objectivity and compassionate clarity.

During sessions, your Facilitator takes you on an effective and powerful meditative journey with them to connect with your Protector and/or a Metasoul aspect/timeline in order to start creating a bridge to these parts/aspects. This is a collaborative journey between you, with you 'leading the way' into an altered state of consciousness that gives you clearer access to your subconscious, beyond the veil reality of other lifetimes, and previously suppressed shadow aspects. You will 'drop into' the energy of whatever part or Metasoul aspect you are working with in a natural and easy way that also offers a highly effective means of healing deeper traumas, identifying polarized dynamics and realities inside of you, and accessing soul themes/karmic playout patterns.


Ongoing Bridging Sessions provide a deepening experience of access to parts of yourself and quantum healing of Metasoul timelines. We now offer a Deep Process, which is the pre-purchase of 2,3, or 4 sessions a month, in which you would also get attendance at the monthly virtual groups for free. There is more info about the Deep Process here.

If you are interested in a bridging session, please purchase a session with the Facilitator of your choice through our shop page using stripe or paypal. Once you purchase the session, you will receive a document (if purchased via the shop) or through an email from your Facilitator (if purchased through paypal) that outlines next steps to scheduling the session, responding to some questions prior to the session, etc. 

Questions to answer Prior to the Bridging Session:

What drew you to SoulFullHeart and to request a session with me?
How do you feel I can serve you?
What is your biggest pain/suffering about in your life?
Tell me something about your awakening journey and how it has been for you.


Contact us or email soulfullhearts@gmail.com to ask any questions about the sessions, which Facilitator would best fit you, schedule a free intro session, etc.

Group Transmissions

SoulFullHeart Facilitators

Raphael and Jelelle Awen

Jelelle and Raphael Awen host virtual groups over Zoom to provide a transmission of 5D self coming into the body, awakened frequencies to you. You can receive these frequencies live with them or purchase the recording afterwards. Group transmission calls are $15 CAD/$11 USD to attain live and/or receive the recording.

If you attend the live groups, you'll have the opportunity to share with Jelelle, Raphael and other SoulFullHeart Facilitators what you experienced during the transmission and receive feedback/next steps of integration from them.

The focus of these groups is to transmit to you a highly embodied frequency of sacred human connection that is seated in the heart. These groups serve as activations of your next levels in the ascension process, whatever that is for you personally. They are empowering and self activating, in the sense that YOU are the source of activation for yourself and Jelelle and Raphael serve as a bridge to feel/experience this.

Women´s Group Calls

SoulFullHeart Co-Creator and Facilitator Jelelle Awen

SoulFullHeart Co-Creator/Teacher/Facilitator/Divine Feminine bridge Jelelle Awen hosts this virtual group over Zoom to provide a transmission of codes to assist you in your ongoing process of sacred feminine embodiment. You can receive these frequencies live with her (highly recommended) or take in the recording afterwards. If you attend the live group, you'll have the opportunity to share with her what you experienced during the meditation and receive feedback/next steps of integration from her. You can attend the call or receive the recording for $15 CAD/$11 USD.

The Sacred Feminine Exploration series of women's groups are open to the public and to all women over 18. Group will last a max of two hours depending on those that want to share their experiences and ask questions. This is a series that will be offered once a month with Jelelle Awen, although you do not need to attend all of them to get benefits.

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